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To those who actually learned how to make secure purchases via bitcoin from all this, you are very dear to our hearts, thank you.

The store is going to be unmaintained due to fun happening elsewhere. If you really, really (super-duper) really want a book (or source code) you can try giving an email to but you might not get a response for some time if at all (depending on quantities of fun happening elsewhere, ofc). Otherwise, you can check that cool Washington Herald Library in Chicago who have a couple copies on their shelves.

Commendable Activist Parts with Anonymous Publications


It saddens me to bring you this story. An extremely powerful member of Anonymous Publications has stepping away from the project. Two weeks ago, citing multiple stresses, one being a return to university, and another reason being a bit unclear, Anonymous had but one path to choose, a path away --law enforcement take note, contact has terminated *nervous laugh*. This individual was responsible for many great things in the brief time spent with us, some of which I'm uncertain it is even safe to speak on yet...


For instance, a second run of The Parade with the Drums was conducted solely by this member! That's legit! And it was mailed to none other than Barrett Brown preceding his sentencing trial related to his investigative journalism. It is our hope that the one and only soft cover edition of The Parade with the Drums made it through to Barrett and was able to lift his spirits. We will have no way of knowing for sure whether it made it to him or not. The government in control of Barrett's life indeed seemed to be specifically depriving Barrett of things that could improve his moral. Perhaps it was an attempt to make Barrett Brown appear visually less healthy in front of the judge in an effort to maximize the sentencing that would be applied to him. Perhaps they were trying to orchestrate an in-court outburst that would have justified (only to fools) further mistreatment. Perhaps they were trying to depress him and facilitate his suicide, something they tried and succeeded with in the Aaron Swartz case. Perhaps they were just conducting research on how to psychologically affect political dissidents in custody. Who knows why the unlawful, two year pre-trial even took place, why they levied special demands that letters not be delivered to him unless they were hand written, or why they were filtering out any letters that contained visual depictions of any kind.

Yes, Anonymous Publication's second run of The Parade with the Drums was likely destroyed or returned to a non-existing mailing address, or what ever means our now missing associate used to get the book to one of our mistreated comrades. For Barrett to receive the book would have been a victory, but symbolic confirmation from the government, that Anonymous Publications poses to it a 'threat of peace' by filtering our book, that's a relevant victory too and serves to fuel further activities and attempts by those still in this game.

But back to our parting member, let there be no mistake, the influence she played at Anonymous Publications was more tremendous than can even be articulated in a single post. It is quite rare to encounter someone willing to work tirelessly to impact goodness into the world. Anonymous Publications was fortunate to have the aid of this soul throughout the Democracy Distro Effort.

Farewell Anonymous, you will not be forgotten.

Virtual Interview Online


When Mel Massey, an author of several fantasy novels, found out about Anonymous' new children's book, she had to know more. She eventually emailed us a list of interview questions which Breachwall and various other members were more than happy to sit down and answer. The results of this virtual interview are available here in this long cat sized blog post. If having connection problems, use TOR or check the wayback machine.

That post articulates the answer to just about any question you might have about Anonymous Publications and why we've committed our resources in the manor we have.

Jeremy Hammond Gifts 30 Copies of Activist Children's Book


We're pleased to share with you that, as a birthday activity, Jeremy Hammond was able to give 30 hand selected people a copy of Anonymous' new activist children's book. That makes one gift for each year Jeremy Hammond has been alive; last January 8th was his 30th birthday of course.

It is a bitter sweet story to some, as that Jeremy is unable to actually receive the book himself due to the human rights work and clever shenanigans he valiantly performed with the notorious blackhat group, lulzsec.

You can read more on the story TheCryptosphere and TheAntimedia.

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